As the church looks to attract a younger generation and maintain a fresh worship experience, our ministry is providing a Christ centered outlet of creative expression.  With multi-generational members we look to incorporate spoken word, dance, sermonette, mime and drama into every ministry opportunity.  The idea is there is no performance, but rather, manifestation born from time in preparation and inspiration from the Lord.  

Enrique Sanchez

Enrique grew up in Rock Hill, SC and although he went to church it was not until his early teen years that he gave his life to Christ in a way that counts. He knew that being in ministry and helping others was a part of the call on his life. To shape the world for Christ by sharing the love of the Son is Enrique's goal. He's passionate about people choosing kindness and living unashamedly in the freedom found in Christ. He believes the church is a place where everyone is welcome. He loves getting to know people, living in community with them, and building friendships that go beyond Sunday morning.  

Anna Strickland

Anna has lived in Charlotte, NC her whole life and was raised into Christianity. She fully gave herself to the Lord at a church camp in middle school, and has felt a calling for the arts ever since. She has recently joined Anointed to be able to minister and share the love of God to others.

Leya Greene

Leya was raised in Clover, SC.  She grew up in church greatly involved in ministry and accepted the Lord at a very young age, but truly came to understand what a relationship with the Lord was at the age of 10.  For as long as Leya can remember she knew she was called to minister to God’s people and has pursued that with a passion for the last 8 years.  Leya has a great love for people because, she understands how much God loves them.  She believes that every single person on this vast earth needs to hear of the all powerful, perfect loving, and one true God above.  She strives to share that good news to all that she comes in contact with. 

Nick Whitfield

Nick grew up in Fort Mill, SC. He gave his heart to the Lord around the age of seven. Throughout the years Nick enjoyed watching ministry, so he decided to start small and attend a weekly mime ministry youth practice and grew from there. He now is a part of Anointed. Nick’s main goal is to spread the love of Jesus to everyone he can. He loves talking to people and meeting new people.

Sydney Strickland

Sydney is from Charlotte, North Carolina. Sydney started dancing at a very early age in a professional dance studio but, it wasn’t until her early teen years that she found out that her passion for dance lies in ministry. She joined Anointed around the age of 13 and her desire to minister through the art of music and dance continues to grow daily. Anointed has been a solid outlet of ministry in her life since her early teen years and though the ministry she has come to understand the need to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible. She desires to show the love of Christ in every area of her life through song and dance. 

Adam Whitfield

Adam was raised in Fort Mill, SC. Growing up in church, he had a solid Biblical foundation, but it wasn’t until the age of 12 he truly understood the weight of the gospel. Since then, he has grown close to the Heart of God seeking a more intimate relationship each day. Adam has heard the voice of the Lord and knows being a part of ministry is a huge portion of the call on his life. He believes in helping others connect with God on all levels and furthering their relationship with Him. He is also a huge advocate for the freedom we have in Jesus Christ. Grateful for every new day, Adam awaits the sky splitting and The King’s Final Return.