As the church looks to attract a younger generation and maintain a fresh worship experience, our ministry is providing a Christ centered outlet of creative expression.  With multi-generational members we look to incorporate spoken word, dance, sermonette, mime and drama into every ministry opportunity.  The idea is there is no performance, but rather, manifestation born from time in preparation and inspiration from the Lord.  

Joshua Hale

As the Director of Anointed, it is my passion to equip teens and young adults to challenge hearts and provide a Holy Spirit welcomed encounter in the presence of the Lord.  I believe in the importance of devotion and intimacy with God over worship performance standing on a stage.  With over ten years in mime ministry, the vision to incorporate dance, mime and drama into one worship experience came to fruition through Anointed.


It is my purpose to create a platform that allows the body of Christ, at large, to experience the ministry of gifting in creative arts.  It is my utmost honor to share in ministry with my wife, Kayla, and our two children.  

Enrique Sanchez

Ministry/Events Coordinator